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A key piece of equipment for underwater enthusiasts, be it spearfishers or divers, are neoprene socks, which provide not only comfort, but also protection in cold water. When choosing neoprene diving socks, special attention should be paid to several parameters:

  1. Neoprene thickness: This parameter directly depends on the temperature of the water in which you plan to dive. Neoprene socks with a thickness of 3-5 mm are suitable for summer, 7 mm for spring and autumn, and for late autumn and winter it is recommended to choose models with a thickness of 9-10 mm. Neoprene socks prevent heat loss and provide comfort even in cold water.

  2. Size: It is important that snorkeling socks fit snugly without causing discomfort or cutting off circulation.

  3. Sole material: Depending on the conditions of use, you can buy neoprene socks with different types of soles - from simple to reinforced with protective materials for safe movement along the shore or among vegetation.

In our assortment you will find:

  • Classic socks

  • Hybrid socks

  • Diving boots

Each pair of diving socks is made from high quality stretch neoprene and comes with a variety of internal and external coatings - open cell or nylon on the inside and nylon, ultra stretch, ultraspun or Smooth Skin on the outside. Open cell socks offer better elasticity and insulation but require the use of a soap solution when putting on, while nylon socks can be worn on a dry foot.

Many models feature reinforced Duratex or Kevlar soles for added protection, as well as a water lock to create an extra seal with your wetsuit.

By choosing to buy neoprene diving socks or buy diving socks in our store, you get:

  • Wide range of sizes and thicknesses

  • 1 year warranty on seam taping

  • Best price guarantee

  • Possibility of exchange if the size does not fit

Spearfishing and diving require high-quality and reliable equipment, so buying neoprene socks in our store is the choice of professionals.