Marlin bags

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The hobby of spearfishing and diving requires not only skills and experience, but also reliable equipment, including for its transportation. The Spearfishing Bag, Spearfishing Backpack and Wetsuit Bag are all designed to provide convenience and protection for your equipment while traveling to your dive sites. Our online store offers a wide range of bags for underwater equipment, taking into account all the needs of divers and hunters.

Variety of bags for scuba gear

The bags and cases presented in our assortment differ in their purpose and features:

  • Universal Dry Bags (Marlin Dry Bag, Marlin Lite Bag): Waterproof PVC bags with a capacity of up to 120 liters, capable of holding two full sets of diving equipment, including fins up to 1 meter in length. Convenient handles provide ease of transportation.

  • Marlin Alpha Wetsuit Bag and Utility Bag: Ideal for storing and transporting wetsuits and dive kits while providing complete protection from moisture.

  • Marlin Dry Tube Bags: These bags are a must-have accessory for protecting your dry gear or keeping your wet gear separate. A variety of sizes allows you to choose the best option for any need.

  • Marlin Stream Fin Bags: Specially designed to comfortably store and carry fins, masks and snorkels, they feature a ventilation mesh and shoulder strap for ease of use.

  • Marlin Target Speargun Cases: Provide durable protection for your speargun and accessories with padded sides and additional pockets.

  • Marlin Case Lead Weight Bags: Designed to safely transport a weight belt and vest, have a load capacity of up to 30 kg and a ventilation mesh.

Why do we need specialized bags?

Proper transportation and storage of scuba equipment not only ensures its longevity, but also simplifies preparation for diving, ensuring order and easy access to necessary items. When choosing a bag for spearfishing or diving in our store, you can be sure of the high quality of the product and its compliance with modern standards of convenience and safety.

From our site, you can easily find the perfect bag or case for your scuba gear, whether it's the Marlin Zak Seafood Bags for convenient catch collection or the Spearfishing Backpack for comprehensive gear storage. Detailed descriptions and characteristics of each model will help you make the right choice, and our consultants are always ready to answer your questions and help with your choice.